The Best Electric Blinds You Can Get

It can be denied that every home needs the right window blinds. The blinds will give better privacy and also block glares from sunlight or other outside sources. Good quality window blinds can also help maintaining comfortable indoor temperature allowing you to saving energy. There are many different types of windows blinds among them is motorized window blinds.

Motorized window blind or also widely known with electric window blind is a type of window blind with electric motor mechanism to open and roll the blind. This type is suitable when you use the blind a lot due to location of the house or other reasons. You don’t need to hassle pulling the cord to open or roll the blind. When you are looking for electric window blinds, it is very important to choose high quality products otherwise you will be dealing with a lot of mess from underpowered motor or untidy cord. Duette is undeniably the best brand with top reputation. For more than 20 years, this brand has been perfecting the window blind with new innovation. Its products are known among the finest ones in the market, the best money can buy. Duette has series of windows blind including electric window blinds.

What sets Duette apart from other brands is its honeycomb technology. This innovative and unique design is able to provide optimum coverage and protection while allowing seamless roll. Honeycomb design is also optimized for energy saving. The blinds are able to keep 46% of heat inside the interior area helping you to reduce energy use for heating. The electric blind series come with highly powerful yet efficient motor. The motor is very silence that it won’t cause disturbing noise. Wire and battery operated motor versions are available to choose. There’s also wireless remote operated electric bill to make it even more convenient to use.