5 Reasons To Invest In High Quality Wall Tiles


Well, it comes to you changing a room around, and you know you want a tiled wall. What’s to stop you from buying budget level tiles and that being the job done? With a good investment, you’ll often find that it eventually pays for itself.


Here are 5 reasons you should be investing in high quality wall tiles, and not settling for less,

read on to find out what you can do to improve your home interior, one tile at a time



When you buy higher quality tiles, you’re often purchasing a higher quality material, prepared in a much more refined way. This can lead to drastically different properties, even if the tiles are the same shape and thickness. Higher quality tiles are often far better rounded, they can be incredibly hard, yet not massively brittle. Often among cheaper tiles, the harder they are, the more brittle they become.


Depending upon which room you’re tiling, you may want tiles with low water absorption. Kitchens and Bathrooms require different tiles to the rest of the house, and should therefore be chosen carefully. Depending on which wall is where, you want to create your environment in accordance to how damp the room could potentially be.


We asked London Tile Shop what they thought of higher quality tile properties “It’s important to choose tiles that have the properties that you require. It’s important to check the material, the finish, and most shops give a recommendation of whether they’d be suitable for walls or floors. Always make sure to check for this information!”


A notable point to mention is that with higher end tiles, you’re far less likely to receive your tiles with any inconsistencies in either colour or thickness/shape.


As with anything higher quality, there are far more choices when it comes to looks and aesthetic. There are far more options to work with, and as well as you making a worthwhile investment, you complete your room with a very nice finish. You’ll also have much better choice in more decorative tiles, such as mosaics.


When you purchase any higher quality tile, you’re purchasing it for the preparation, the finish on the tile. These details ensure that the tile lasts a good amount of time. Most wall tiles are known for being rather brittle, but they don’t have to be, without restricting your style or design capability.

The more durable a tile is; the less maintenance is required of it. This reduces ongoing cost of keeping the tiles, brings peace of mind regarding how long the tiles will last, and what they’ll hold up to. It can be incredibly frustrating for tiles to scratch and scuff, and with higher quality tiles, this reduces that possibility massively.

Cost Efficiency

Lower quality tiles are often rather cheap, but if they need to be replaced more often, if they’re damaged far easier, and require a lot more maintenance and upkeep, are they cost efficient?

Higher quality tiles last far longer, maintain their full quality much longer, and won’t break half as easily. This is a big point when it comes to your choice. The better the quality, the better longevity, and the wiser the investment.

If you’re worried about calculating your costs, try the Tile Calculator on this Calculator website!


Of course you want your walls to look as professional as possible, with all the tiles the right colour, consistent shape, minimal wear and tear, and a good quality finish. The clean finish is far more likely when you buy higher quality tiles. You get what you pay for, and it’s within your means to have a wonderfully finished tile wall. So what’s stopping you?

So, what type of tiles are you choosing for your walls? Make sure to tell us what you look for when you think of tiling your wall, and what style you’re thinking of choosing


3D Innovations; Your One-stop Renovation Firm

So you have just relocated to Singapore with your family members for business, for that reason you opted out renting an apartment and chose for a house. After all you will be here for such a long time and it is significantly more affordable to have your own house. The house may have the desired amount of bedrooms, living space, backyard and many more – but just as many other families, you want the house to have your own personal touch. This way you and your family will feel right at home and more comfortable, despite the stress you and your family members get from having to adapt to the new surrounding, culture and way of life.

This is where it gets tricky, many people know what they want in a house, but lack the ability to properly turn their vision into a real work of art. Not only that, many of them do not even know where to start. All they have is the idea of how a house should look like as per their personal preferences. Are you one of these people facing the same issue? You’re in luck since you have come to the right place. Keep reading to learn more.

You have the ideas of how a living space should be like, but just as a canvas to a painter, renovating your house is not an easy task when you have no knowledge and talent. The solution? Leave the task to the professional. If you are looking for a reliable and highly experienced firm to handle renovation in SG, you can never go wrong with 3D Innovations. This leading renovation firm has been the go-to company for many people due to its one-stop service; not only providing full designing using impressive 3D designs and building service for both residential and large-scale commercial projects, the company also does space and layout planning as well as consultation.

The Best Electric Blinds You Can Get

It can be denied that every home needs the right window blinds. The blinds will give better privacy and also block glares from sunlight or other outside sources. Good quality window blinds can also help maintaining comfortable indoor temperature allowing you to saving energy. There are many different types of windows blinds among them is motorized window blinds.

Motorized window blind or also widely known with electric window blind is a type of window blind with electric motor mechanism to open and roll the blind. This type is suitable when you use the blind a lot due to location of the house or other reasons. You don’t need to hassle pulling the cord to open or roll the blind. When you are looking for electric window blinds, it is very important to choose high quality products otherwise you will be dealing with a lot of mess from underpowered motor or untidy cord. Duette is undeniably the best brand with top reputation. For more than 20 years, this brand has been perfecting the window blind with new innovation. Its products are known among the finest ones in the market, the best money can buy. Duette has series of windows blind including electric window blinds.

What sets Duette apart from other brands is its honeycomb technology. This innovative and unique design is able to provide optimum coverage and protection while allowing seamless roll. Honeycomb design is also optimized for energy saving. The blinds are able to keep 46% of heat inside the interior area helping you to reduce energy use for heating. The electric blind series come with highly powerful yet efficient motor. The motor is very silence that it won’t cause disturbing noise. Wire and battery operated motor versions are available to choose. There’s also wireless remote operated electric bill to make it even more convenient to use.

Everything You Need To Know About Carpet Cleaning In London

London is a big city and as with any big city is full of dirt and smoke, which in turn means your carpets will get very dirty very quickly. That’s why many people look to professional cleaning London has many companies specialising in professional cleaning; London is also a big place, so how do you know what to look for and what types of carpet cleaning in London are there?

How exactly does carpet cleaning in London work?

When looking for carpet cleaning in London the first thing to remember is that you are not just looking for someone to turn up with a vacuum cleaner you need far more from your cleaning company. London is a big place and there are a lot of cowboys out there so make sure that the cleaning company in London that you choose has the full range of equipment suitable for professional carpet cleaning. London, as we have already mentioned, generates a lot of dirt meaning that carpets have to be professionally cleaned. A good cleaning company in London will supply this sort of carpet cleaning services they will employ properly trained personnel who have access to special cleaning machines especially designed for carpet cleaning. London also has its fair share of people who will literally try and fob you off with a vacuum cleaner so be careful!

What to expect form professional cleaning in London

The type of cleaning company in London that you want for your carpet is one who will do the job properly make sure they use a recognised and professional system for carpet cleaning. London has excellent internet access so check them out on the web first you need a cleaning company in London that is using a professional system with quality chemicals such as Prochem. Professional cleaning in London needs this type of system as merely scrubbing and vacuuming cannot deal with the dirt levels involved.

Check they do the job properly carpet cleaning in London is a dirty business!

A professional cleaning company in London will have no problem with you asking to see the equipment they are going to use when they arrive. Then feel free to watch them do the carpet cleaning. London produces a lot of dirt and it can be interesting to see just how much comes up from your carpet as the cleaning technicians do there job you will be amazed! Finally do check that the technicians have properly performed the carpet cleaning London will soon bring it’s dirt into your home again so make sure that the job has been done according to your expectations